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Essential Oil Boxes

Essential Oil Packaging Boxes

Wholesale Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes | Free Shipping
Wholesale Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes | Free Shipping
Wholesale Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes | Free Shipping
Wholesale Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes | Free Shipping
Wholesale Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes | Free Shipping
Wholesale Custom Printed Essential Oil Boxes | Free Shipping


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Custom Essential oil Boxes

In today's competitive market, the importance of appealing and well-designed packaging cannot be overstated. Packaging is an important aspect of increasing earnings and increasing sales. With consumers growing more discerning, the visual appeal, practicality, and sustainability of packing boxes play a significant role in gaining new customers and distinguishing items from rivals. We understand the transforming power of packaging at Ez Custom Boxes, and we welcome you to say goodbye to regular essential oil packaging. With our custom-designed packaging solutions, you may usher in a new age of individuality and creativity. Our visually beautiful and environmentally responsible boxes will not only make your items stand out on the shelf but will also improve the whole consumer experience, creating a lasting impression.

The Material We Use For Packaging

 We use different types of material having their own importance such as:

Kraft Cardboard:  

It's natural brown color gives a beautiful eco-friendly and organic appeal.

Corrugated Cardboard:

If you are using oil glass bottles that are fragile and susceptible to damage, these are the best boxes that ensure that your oil bottles remain safe and are adequately protected during shipping and handling and even for storage.


It is frequently used for luxury packaging and provides a solid foundation for showcasing essential oil goods in retail locations.

Texture/ linen Cardboard:

For giving a premium look and feel to your high-end or luxury essential oil products we use such boxes.

Importance of Choosing the Our Custom Boxes for Essential Oils


Essential oils are extremely concentrated and sensitive to environmental elements such as light, heat, and air. Our special box material protects the oils from harmful factors, keeping their effectiveness and increasing their shelf life.


Essential oil leakage or spilling may be costly and nasty. We provide you with packaging materials that should be secure and leak-proof in order to avoid product loss and preserve cleanliness.


Your environmentally concerned consumers may be drawn to our sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Easy Boxing and Unboxing:

We provide user-friendly packaging which allows easy access to your oil.

Creativity at Its Peak

No one will be attracted to the unappealing packaging on store shelves. So we have the best designers that will do magic for your boxes and made them so eye-catching that customers will surely choose your oil among others. We are using CMYK, PMS, and No Print options which add colors to your boring box. Our tech printing technology enhances the printing quality and gives your box a luxury feel.

The logo or any other instructions are clearly mentioned and visible on the box and help the customer to make quick decisions.

Boost Your Sales with Our Custom Boxes

Custom packaging is an excellent way to boost sales, whether you're a new business or an established one. When your essential oils come in eye-catching packaging, your sales and earnings will increase. These boxes are great for any business due to their inexpensive cost and versatility. However, before you hurry out to acquire one, consider the benefits of having a bespoke box constructed.

Revolutionize Your Packaging with Unique and Innovative Finishing/ Coatings

When it comes to essential oil packaging, choosing the proper finish and coating may have a big influence on the product's overall attractiveness and image.

Gloss and matte finishes have different visual effects, with gloss producing a dazzling, reflecting surface that accentuates colors and graphics and matte producing a classy, understated look with low glare. The velvet soft touch covering gives a luxury tactile sense, encouraging customers to appreciate the premium character of the product. The aqueous coating acts as a protective covering, protecting the container from scuffs and moisture while keeping the oils in perfect condition.

Holographic finishes give a touch of magic and eye-catching attraction, enthralling potential buyers with their compelling dance of colors and light.

Essential oil packaging may successfully express the brand's message, improve the whole customer experience, and ultimately boost sales in a competitive market by carefully evaluating these finishing alternatives.

Custom Design according to your requirement

You can get fully customized boxes that will align with your brand and be perfect for your bottle. You can choose from a range of options including shape, style, or size. Ez Custom Boxes also allow you to create your own design or you can take help from our designers. You also have the option to choose materials according to your budget.

Get the best in your budget

 At our firm, we think that every business deserves to have access to superior packaging that both enhances the appearance of their products and preserves them with the highest care.

Rest confident that we've refined our processes to be efficient and cost-effective, allowing us to provide you with reasonable prices without sacrificing the quality and inventiveness of our packaging solutions. Our specialists will collaborate with you to understand your exact demands, tastes, and budget, guaranteeing that you obtain customized packaging that reflects your brand identity and captivates your clients.

Why us?

There are numerous advantages and benefits that set us apart from the competition. Here are some compelling reasons to select us as your preferred packaging partner:

  • We excel in providing totally customized packaging solutions
  • We value package quality
  • While we provide excellent packaging solutions, we also recognize the necessity of staying within your budget.
  • Because of our simplified operations and speedy manufacturing processes, we can offer quick turnaround times and get your bespoke packaging to you quickly.
  • We provide eco-friendly packing alternatives, employing recyclable and biodegradable materials to minimize our environmental effects.
  • We are here to help you through the entire process, from design to delivery, providing a seamless and hassle-free experience.
  • With years of packaging industry experience, we have accumulated important insights and skills to create packaging solutions that are in line with the newest trends and market expectations.

Choose Ez Custom Boxes and let us bring your idea to reality and elevate your packaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use exquisite machines and an expert team to laminate the packaging (as per the client's choice) which keeps the printing quality of your boxes sustainable and long-lasting.

From the order, placement to order dispatched our team keeps the customer aware of the current process is involved and also helps the customer
with the tracking number once the order gets dispatched.

Yes, we do offer Free design support & digital proof (2d & 3d) to invoke how the actual product will look like and we also provide video mocking in case
of complexity and besides this we do offer physical sampling as well with a minimal sampling fee and on bulk quantity, we do not charge a sampling fee.

You can get a quick price quote within a few minutes if you are on live chat with one of our sales representatives and a standard price quote takes just 30-45
minutes and you will have an official price quote in your inbox.

Well, our MOQ is 100 boxes and no limit for maximum order quantity. Our turn around time does not effect on larger runs as per the job nature.

we do have a QC department which inspects before shipping so often It's not possible to get a damaged product but still If it happens due to any reason and
fault belongs to us we are happier to help you with the replacement for the damaged quantity or help you with the compensation. But, It's important to submit the complaint to our support email within 3 business days after receiving the product.

Our standard lead time in 8-10 business days for the production time. Our Rush Orders normally take 4-6 business days for production.

You need to have the sizes ready with you in order to make custom boxes, Stock is normally recommended by a packaging expert and a template is provided to layout your artwork.

You can request a template to layout your artwork or we will dedicate a designer with you to help with your design