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Custom Printed Candy Boxes

Custom Printed Candy Boxes | Free Shipping Across USA
Custom Printed Candy Boxes | Free Shipping Across USA
Custom Printed Candy Boxes | Free Shipping Across USA
Custom Printed Candy Boxes | Free Shipping Across USA
Custom Printed Candy Boxes | Free Shipping Across USA
Custom Printed Candy Boxes | Free Shipping Across USA


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When it comes to presenting your candies, it's not just about their delicious taste but also about making a lasting impression in the market. By incorporating bespoke candy packaging boxes, you can give your sweets a fancy and eye-catching touch. The packaging itself becomes part of the overall experience, and people find it fascinating and enticing. With personalized packaging, you can create a unique identity for your brand and make your candy boxes stand out.

Imagine birthday-themed candy boxes adorned with balloons, confetti, and personalized messages, or romantic Valentine's Day boxes featuring hearts, roses, and an air of elegance. For Easter, we can create adorable bunny-themed boxes with pastel colors, while Halloween calls for spooky and fun packaging with ghosts, witches, and pumpkins. Thanksgiving candy boxes can incorporate autumnal themes with harvest fruits, leaves, and warm colors. Everyone loves receiving sweets as a present, and when they come in an original and creatively designed package, it adds an extra layer of excitement. That's why we are here to offer you a range of custom candy box ideas.

Whether it's a special occasion or a simple desire to indulge in sweet delights, our custom candy box ideas aim to captivate the senses and create a memorable experience. Let us help you design an irresistible package that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Delightful and Eye-Catching Custom Candy Packaging Styles

Some of our hot-selling candy boxes styles:

  • Custom Boxes with Window: These boxes have a window patch that allows customers to see the delicious treats inside. They can be customized in various shapes and designs, with eye-catching artwork and colorful themes for different occasions.
  • Candy Display Boxes: These boxes are designed to showcase your candies attractively while keeping them safe. They are functional and eye-catching, grabbing the attention of potential buyers and increasing sales.
  • CBD Gum Packaging Boxes: Specifically designed for companies that create CBD-infused chocolates and confectionery products, these boxes have a unique look that is both distinctive and enticing.
  • Pillow Cardboard Candy Boxes: These specially designed boxes have a pillow-like shape and creative look that appeals to children. They come in various colors, patterns, and images, making them attention-grabbing and perfect for attracting young customers.
  • Tiny Candy Gift Boxes: Ideal for takeout orders and as wedding favors, these small-sized custom-printed boxes offer brand exposure and can be customized with different handle options. They are made from food-grade and biodegradable materials, ensuring premium quality.

High-Quality Materials for Durable and Attractive Candy Boxes

Different high-quality materials used for making special candy boxes include:

  • Cardstock: Provides durability and structural integrity for boxes with intricate designs.
  • Kraft Paper: Eco-friendly option made from recycled materials, known for its strength and natural, rustic look.
  • Corrugated Board: Heavyweight material with fluted layers for exceptional strength and cushioning, ideal for shipping and protecting delicate candies during transit.

Enhancing Brand Recognition with Artwork and Graphics

Artwork and graphics are crucial promotional components that significantly contribute to creating brand recognition among customers. When designing candy packaging, incorporating visually appealing elements can attract attention and leave a lasting impression. For instance, using cartoon characters that evoke hunger and are colored in vibrant shades such as red, yellow, and blue can entice children to purchase your products.

To bring these designs to life, our advanced printing technologies, including flexographic, offset, and digital printing, offer cost-effective solutions for high-quality color printing. These technologies ensure efficient production processes, saving both time and resources. Moreover, utilizing standardized color systems like the Pantone Matching System (PMS), CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black), and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) eliminates the margin of error when reproducing specific colors accurately.

By leveraging impactful artwork and employing precise color reproduction techniques, you can create candy packaging that stands out on store shelves and reinforces your brand identity.

Luxurious Finishing Touches for Exquisite Candy Packaging

Attention to detail and premium finishing touches can make a significant difference. That's why we offer a range of exquisite options to enhance your custom candy boxes.

To add a touch of opulence, our designers incorporate elements like metallic foiling and holographic foiling. These techniques create stunning visual effects and make your packaging shine with elegance. To fascinate as much attention as possible, get your boxes in unusual forms and designs. We make gorgeous die-cut window patches on our big and small boxes that are totally customized. Additionally, embossing and debossing intricate patterns add depth and texture, elevating the overall aesthetic appeal.

We believe that every aspect of the packaging should contribute to the overall presentation. That's why we pay attention to the finer details. We offer the addition of gift tags, ribbons, handles, and other decorative accents that enhance the charm of window boxes. These thoughtful touches not only make the packaging visually appealing but also provide a delightful unboxing experience for your customers.

To further enhance the visual impact, we offer a variety of finishes. Our gloss, matte, and silk coatings provide different textures and levels of sheen, allowing you to achieve the desired effect. For added sophistication, we offer raised UV and spot UV coatings that create a tactile and visually striking contrast. Additionally, aqueous coatings provide a protective layer while enhancing the overall appearance of the packaging.

Convenient and Secure Custom Box Services for Your Needs

Our company offers secure and reliable custom box services for storage and delivery purposes. With the fastest turnaround and free delivery across the USA, we prioritize efficiency and convenience. Our 24/7 customer support team is available to assist with orders, design changes, and delivery inquiries. We also specialize in wholesale cake boxes, employing unique customization patterns, vibrant colors, and captivating designs to make your brand stand out. Trust us to provide exceptional custom box solutions, ensuring convenience, reliability, and excellent customer support.

Know Your Custom Boxes 

Dimensions: Custom Shapes & Sizes (Made To Order)

Print Options: CMYK, PMS, No Print

Cardstock: 10pt - 48pt cardstock, Brown/white Kraft, Corrugated, Buxboard, Texture & Linen

Quantity: Sampling (1-5 samples), Actual Order (100-500k units)

Coatings: Gloss/Matte, Velvet Soft Touch, Aqueous Coating, Holographic

Print Process: Offset, Digital, Screen

Extra's: Window Patching, Foiling, Emboss/Deboss, Spot UV

Proofing: 2D View, 3D View, Physical Sampling (On Demand)

How To Prepare Your Custom Packaging Artwork ?

Accepted Formats:
• Adobe InDesign         
• Adobe Photoshop  
• Adobe Illustrator       
• Corel Draw

Artwork Creation:
• Layout your artwork on the provided die template and send back to us for proofing.
• If your product needs a white ink please create a separate layer
• Embed your images with a resolution of min 300dpi or provide vector file       

Bleed Margin: Add 0.625" as bleed margin in your file

Colour Managment:
• Identify PMS colours on file for us to match with PMS
• Do not decide colours from pdf file.As they are not compatible with orignal prints
• Update us if you already have a colour sample for us to match

• Curve outline the fonts if any special font is used in your file
• Any special font used in file to be provided separately  

Page Size:
• Setup the page size of your artwork to the exact size of your file on a single page
• Our team will adjust the artwork canvas and uppings at our end
• We recommend to print the final proof on actual size and make a paper dummy to ensure proper sizing of your boxes

We Make It Easy For You

Step 1: Update your requirment to our packaging experts and share the artwork if available     

Step 2: Our sales team will work on your quotation and will get back to you within guranteed 24hours

Step 3: Approve your artwork or physical sample 

Step 4: Your Order is all set for production

Step 5: Sit back and relax, Let our experts produce the best packaging for you

How to Measure:

Printing Options:



Frequently Asked Questions

We use exquisite machines and an expert team to laminate the packaging (as per the client's choice) which keeps the printing quality of your boxes sustainable and long-lasting.

From the order, placement to order dispatched our team keeps the customer aware of the current process is involved and also helps the customer
with the tracking number once the order gets dispatched.

Yes, we do offer Free design support & digital proof (2d & 3d) to invoke how the actual product will look like and we also provide video mocking in case
of complexity and besides this we do offer physical sampling as well with a minimal sampling fee and on bulk quantity, we do not charge a sampling fee.

You can get a quick price quote within a few minutes if you are on live chat with one of our sales representatives and a standard price quote takes just 30-45
minutes and you will have an official price quote in your inbox.

Well, our MOQ is 100 boxes and no limit for maximum order quantity. Our turn around time does not effect on larger runs as per the job nature.

we do have a QC department which inspects before shipping so often It's not possible to get a damaged product but still If it happens due to any reason and
fault belongs to us we are happier to help you with the replacement for the damaged quantity or help you with the compensation. But, It's important to submit the complaint to our support email within 3 business days after receiving the product.

Our standard lead time in 8-10 business days for the production time. Our Rush Orders normally take 4-6 business days for production.

You need to have the sizes ready with you in order to make custom boxes, Stock is normally recommended by a packaging expert and a template is provided to layout your artwork.

You can request a template to layout your artwork or we will dedicate a designer with you to help with your design