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Custom Printed Pie Boxes

Custom Printed Pie Boxes | Wholesale Boxes | EZCustomBoxes
Custom Printed Pie Boxes | Wholesale Boxes | EZCustomBoxes
Custom Printed Pie Boxes | Wholesale Boxes | EZCustomBoxes
Custom Printed Pie Boxes | Wholesale Boxes | EZCustomBoxes
Custom Printed Pie Boxes | Wholesale Boxes | EZCustomBoxes
Custom Printed Pie Boxes | Wholesale Boxes | EZCustomBoxes


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Custom Pie Boxes

There's something absolutely special about indulging in a scrumptious pie during the Christmas season when the air is filled with warmth and affection. We at Ez Custom Boxes recognize the importance of having the right packaging for your pies. We feel that each pie has a unique tale to tell, and that it needs to be presented in a way that highlights its beauty. Our assortment of special and one-of-a-kind bespoke box designs demonstrates our commitment to maintaining the integrity of your lovely products.

Personalized Pie Packaging by Ez Custom Boxes

When you choose custom pie boxes, you can select from a variety of design possibilities. You may either choose from current designs or use your imagination to create your own unique thoughts. The options are limitless!

Your box customization choices include choosing the materials, box style, shape, size, and further adjustments. You may select the material that best compliments your intended design while also taking durability and personalization into account.

You may choose from a variety of box styles, including sliders, two-piece boxes, mailers, and more. Choose a design that appeals to your tastes and meets the measurements and size requirements for your pies. Furthermore, you can make your boxes more appealing by adding details like die-cut windows that show off the scrumptious pie within.

Elevating Pie Packaging with Quality and Style

A pie box's material plays an important part in assuring the quality and preservation of your scrumptious delicacies. Choosing the correct material is critical for preserving the freshness and flavor of your pies while also providing a visually pleasing display. The selections range from strong cardboard to eco-friendly Kraft paper. Cardboard is extremely durable, preserving your pies throughout transportation and keeping their form. Kraft paper, on the other hand, has a natural and eco-conscious appeal that aligns with sustainable packaging techniques. Whatever material you use, it should be carefully chosen to achieve a balance between utility and aesthetics, resulting in a packaging solution that not only protects your pies but also adds a touch of grandeur to your culinary masterpieces.

The Power of Color and Precision

The use of color models like CMYK and PMS, as well as various printing processes such as offset, digital, and screen, opens up a world of possibilities for pie box design in the field of graphics and printing. The interaction of these components is nothing short of beautiful. The CMYK and PMS color models allow for fine control over colors, guaranteeing that every shade matches the desired aesthetic. With its rigorous attention to detail and brilliant color reproduction, offset printing brings elaborate designs to life with a touch of elegance.

Unleashing Creativity and Texture

Digital printing, on the other hand, provides flexibility and efficiency by allowing for the rapid manufacturing of bespoke images without sacrificing quality. Meanwhile, screen printing gives the printed artwork a particular texture and depth, providing a tactile layer to the visual experience. The beautiful interplay of these approaches fills each pie box with an emotional link, attracting hearts and instilling a feeling of anticipation for the delightful surprise contained within. Color models and printing processes are carefully chosen to enhance the package, making it into a fascinating painting that immerses clients in a realm of gastronomic enchantment.

Elevate Your Pie Boxes with Enchanting Coatings

Coatings have the ability to improve pie box designs and provide an appealing attraction. Each coating choice adds a distinct touch of enchantment, whether you pick glossy or matte finishes, a velvet soft touch, aqueous coating, or holographic effects. Matte coatings exhibit modest elegance, whilst glossy coatings radiate sophistication and sparkle. With their exquisite feel, velvet soft touch coatings create a sensual experience. Aqueous coatings provide protection and a polished appearance, whilst holographic coatings provide enthralling displays of dazzling colors. These coatings transform boxes into pieces of art, capturing the senses and making an indelible impact on everybody who comes into contact with them.

Enhancing Pie Boxes with our unique add-on

Embellishment gives boxes a sense of elegance and sophistication, and techniques like foiling create a glossy shimmer with metallic accents, giving an opulent aesthetic appeal. Consider a pie box covered with a gold foil border, which exudes lavishness and distinction. Embossing and debossing methods provide depth and texture, engaging the senses and displaying fine craftsmanship. Consider a pie box with an artistically embossed floral design, which adds a tactile aspect that captivates the eyes as well as the fingertips. Spot UV adds glossy and raised effects selectively, accentuating crucial features and producing startling contrasts. Consider a pie box with a spot UV logo, where the brand's glossiness pops out against the matte backdrop, providing a fascinating focus point. These embellishment techniques transform boxes into artistic expressions, enhancing the overall pie experience with their captivating beauty.

Exceptional Services: Going Above and Beyond to Ensure Your Satisfaction

  • We provide a variety of great services to guarantee that our clients have a seamless and happy experience. Our committed customer care team is always available to help you with any questions or problems.
  • We offer free samples, allowing you to assess the quality and style of our pie boxes before making a selection. • We prioritize timely delivery, and we work hard to guarantee that your custom pie boxes arrive on time.
Our team provides free support and counseling throughout the whole process, from picking the ideal package to final delivery. Our objective is to surpass your expectations and create a simple experience that satisfies all of your packing requirements.

Know Your Custom Boxes 

Dimensions: Custom Shapes & Sizes (Made To Order)

Print Options: CMYK, PMS, No Print

Cardstock: 10pt - 48pt cardstock, Brown/white Kraft, Corrugated, Buxboard, Texture & Linen

Quantity: Sampling (1-5 samples), Actual Order (100-500k units)

Coatings: Gloss/Matte, Velvet Soft Touch, Aqueous Coating, Holographic

Print Process: Offset, Digital, Screen

Extra's: Window Patching, Foiling, Emboss/Deboss, Spot UV

Proofing: 2D View, 3D View, Physical Sampling (On Demand)

How To Prepare Your Custom Packaging Artwork?

Accepted Formats:
• Adobe InDesign         
• Adobe Photoshop  
• Adobe Illustrator       
• Corel Draw

Artwork Creation:
• Layout your artwork on the provided die template and send it back to us for proofing.
• If your product needs white ink please create a separate layer
• Embed your images with a resolution of min 300dpi or provide the vector file       

Bleed Margin: Add 0.625" as bleed margin in your file

Colour Management:
• Identify PMS colours on file for us to match with PMS
• Do not decide on colours from the pdf file. As they are not compatible with original prints
• Update us if you already have a colour sample for us to match

• Curve outline the fonts if any special font is used in your file
• Any special font used in the file to be provided separately  

Page Size:
• Setup the page size of your artwork to the exact size of your file on a single page
• Our team will adjust the artwork canvas and uppings at our end
• We recommend printing the final proof on the actual size and making a paper dummy to ensure the proper sizing of your boxes

We Make It Easy For You

Step 1: Update your requirements to our packaging experts and share the artwork if available     

Step 2: Our sales team will work on your quotation and will get back to you within guaranteed 24hours

Step 3: Approve your artwork or physical sample 

Step 4: Your Order is all set for production

Step 5: Sit back and relax, Let our experts produce the best packaging for you

How to Measure:

Printing Options:



Frequently Asked Questions

We use exquisite machines and an expert team to laminate the packaging (as per the client's choice) which keeps the printing quality of your boxes sustainable and long-lasting.

From the order, placement to order dispatched our team keeps the customer aware of the current process is involved and also helps the customer
with the tracking number once the order gets dispatched.

Yes, we do offer Free design support & digital proof (2d & 3d) to invoke how the actual product will look like and we also provide video mocking in case
of complexity and besides this we do offer physical sampling as well with a minimal sampling fee and on bulk quantity, we do not charge a sampling fee.

You can get a quick price quote within a few minutes if you are on live chat with one of our sales representatives and a standard price quote takes just 30-45
minutes and you will have an official price quote in your inbox.

Well, our MOQ is 100 boxes and no limit for maximum order quantity. Our turn around time does not effect on larger runs as per the job nature.

we do have a QC department which inspects before shipping so often It's not possible to get a damaged product but still If it happens due to any reason and
fault belongs to us we are happier to help you with the replacement for the damaged quantity or help you with the compensation. But, It's important to submit the complaint to our support email within 3 business days after receiving the product.

Our standard lead time in 8-10 business days for the production time. Our Rush Orders normally take 4-6 business days for production.

You need to have the sizes ready with you in order to make custom boxes, Stock is normally recommended by a packaging expert and a template is provided to layout your artwork.

You can request a template to layout your artwork or we will dedicate a designer with you to help with your design